Parker Agelasto headshot

RVAgreener Highlight: Parker Agelasto

Article from RVAgreen 2050’s Newsletter by Brian Park, University of Richmond Bonner Scholar.

“Meet RVAgreener Parker! A Richmond neighbor for over 15 years, Parker moved here from Virginia Beach. Parker served on City Council for seven years and carried the nickname “Lorax” as he “spoke for the trees.” Now, he works as the Executive Director of Capital Region Land Conservancy (CRLC). Read more about CRLC’s work in the organization highlight below.

On a regular day, you can find Parker reaching out to employees and making job assignments. He also calls donors and communicates with board members on important decisions. He talks with attorneys about land trust-related matters. Parker also takes time out of his day to answer general inquiries from the public. Overall, Parker helps CRLC do environmental due diligence.

CRLC is Richmond’s only land trust. They find land that needs to be protected and create more public green spaces. They support urban agriculture as well, with agriculture being the largest industry in Virginia. Virginia’s economy requires land and CRLC helps maintain the land.

Parker’s work is more important than ever as environmental changes sweep the nation. He is motivated by the passion of the younger generations to improve the state of the Earth and create a sustainable future. That is why he is so excited about RVAgreen 2050 because it will help the Richmond community achieve a sustainable future.”

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RVAgreen 2050 is the City of Richmond’s equity-centered climate action and resilience planning initiative, spearheaded by the Office of Sustainability, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 45% by 2030, achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and help the community adapt to Richmond’s climate impacts of extreme heat, precipitation, and flooding.