Image of a painting of The View. Tree with fall, red foliage in foreground with a swooping bend of the James River in the background under blue sky.

Local Artists Renew Gift to Protect “The View”

Twenty years ago local artists Camden Whitehead and Matthew Robins were invited to show their work in London in the exhibit “The View”. They were invited to Richmond upon Thames to see the bend in the Thames River from Richmond Hill from which many people have associated with the “View that Named Richmond” due to similarities to the bend in the James River as seen from Libby Hill.

Today, Whitehead and Robins have donated a limited number of the original prints of their exhibited works in benefit of Capital Region Land Conservancy’s work to protect the iconic view from Libby Hill. You can help support this renewed conservation effort and receive these beautiful prints.

Dock Street Walkway
“The View” of the James River from Libby Hill in Richmond, Virginia.

The exhibition in England was organized to commemorate the centenary of an act of Parliament that protects the view of the Thames seen from Richmond Hill. Proceeds from the sale of artwork benefited the £8.3 million London’s Arcadia project. The project to restore, open and enhance the view and manage all aspects of the river environment for both people and wildlife was the first implementation of the Thames Landscape Strategy.

To commemorate the participation of two American artists, and in honor of the special relationship established through the Sister Cities Commission since 1991, the organizers invited Whitehead and Robins to produce companion paintings from Libby Hill. In total, four paintings were sold to benefit the Thames Landscape Strategy.

Today, Whitehead and Robins have donated to Capital Region Land Conservancy (CRLC) a limited edition of four color prints produced by Worth Higgins & Associates on archival paper (sheet size 16 1/2 x 22 in.), signed by the artists. They hope that this gift will facilitate financial contributions in support of CRLC’s acquisition and protection of the Dock Street property.

Receive the Whitehead print set when you donate $1,000 to the Dock Street Project!
Image of a painting of The View. Tree with fall, red foliage in foreground with a swooping bend of the James River in the background under blue sky.
The James from Libby Hill (2002) by Camden Whitehead
The Thames from Richmond Hill (2002) by Camden Whitehead
Receive the Robins print set when you donate $2,000 to the Dock Street Project!
James River, morning (2002) by Matthew Todd Robins
The Thames at Richmond, evening (2002) by Matthew Todd Robins

“We hope these prints will continue to inspire appreciation for our living heritage and the ‘view that named Richmond,’” said artist Camden Whitehead.

In 2021 after decades of civic and non-profit groups working to preserve “the view that named Richmond,” The Conservation Fund, the James River Association and the Capital Region Land Conservancy joined forces to purchase the 5.2 acre Dock Street parcel for $5.2 million.

More than 4 acres of this property will be donated to the City of Richmond Parks and Recreation after a conservation easement is recorded to protect the view, preserve public access as a park in perpetuity, and enhance water quality of the James River. The project will also allow for the Virginia Capital Trail to be completed along Dock Street at Great Shiplock Park and connect the east riverfront as was contemplated in the Richmond Riverfront Plan. You can learn more at the Dock Street project page.

Contributors to CRLC who designate their gift of $1,000 toward the Dock Street project will receive a set of two prints by Whitehead, while supporters who make gifts of $2,000 toward Dock Street will receive the set of two prints by Robins. In order to receive the complete set of all 4 prints, please make a donation of $3,000 or more.

Any amount will help CRLC meet a $250,000 challenge grant from The Cabell Foundation where every donation is matched dollar-for-dollar. Please help The Capital Region Land Conservancy close the gap on raising the funds.

To receive your set of prints, please make a donation to the Dock Street project HERE.

For more information: Contact Parker C. Agelasto, Executive Director at parker@capitalregionland.org and 202-302-0153