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Team Forests

Welcome to Team Forests!

Team Forests are the tall and mighty champions for forest conservation in Virginia’s capital region! Support Team Forests and help save the forests we depend on for clean air and water, healthy wildlife, and natural resources!

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Forests Are Our Home in Nature

Forest are as much a refuge for native plants and forest creatures as they are for people. For many of us, forests have been the setting for magical childhood adventures and memories. As adults, forests provide places to find silence and green space, away from busy and sometimes chaotic lives. Trees enrich our lives, from an afternoon spent at a local park, to a walk down a tree-lined street, to a camping trip under towering branches and stars. Whether you have a single favorite tree, enjoy getting lost in the woods on a hike, or can simply rest easy knowing they are silently doing the work of heroes, Team Forests is for you.

CRLC staff at the Long Bridge Road property in Henrico County.

Forests Clean Our Air & Water

Even when we can’t find the time to be in the woods, forests support us daily from providing clean air and filtering water, to cooling our planet, to providing habitat for song birds, reptiles, fish and mammals. A well-managed forest provides for many other critical needs like lumber to build houses, firewood to keep us warm, or paper to capture our thoughts. Our urban forests—those individual trees in our yards and lining our streets, or spanning the length of a neighborhood creek—are important in helping to moderate the temperature of our homes and businesses. Whether a glimpse out the window or a trip to our public lands, trees connect us to the seasons as we watch them leaf out, flower, change color and fall, or host all sorts of avian guests throughout the year.

When you give to team forests, you are helping CRLC protect forests for public parks and others for essential timberland. You can help us reforest the lands that we steward, bring forests into urban spaces to fight urban heat islands, and help us secure parks in communities that have lacked access to nature. Join Team Forests as we go for gold in the 2022 Conservation Games! Help us build our team by inviting your family, friends, and colleagues to participate!

Your donation can make an immediate conservation impact by supporting the purchase of Campbell’s Bridge Mills! This 42 acre forested property, located at the falls of the Appomattox River, will connect the Appomattox River Trail and preserve mill sites that are central to Virginia’s industrial history. Support CRLC’s work to conserve local forests.

CRLC Team Forests Volunteer removes invasives at 2020 Conservation Games event.
Team Forests Volunteer removing invasives at a 2020 Conservation Games event.
May apples emerging in spring at a forested property protected by CRLC.
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