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Team Streams

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From the mighty James River, to the scenic Appomattox River, to gentle Tuckahoe Creek, Team Streams are the champions for riparian conservation in Virginia’s capital region! Join the team and help protect the waters that we rely on for drinking water, irrigation, outdoor recreation, and to keep our aquatic friends healthy!

CRLC Land Stewardship Specialist Ashley kayaking at a tupelo swamp during a site visit.

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Water is life

A drop of water that falls in Richmond leaves a lasting impact, whether it flows down the James River and into the Chesapeake Bay or spends the next few thousand years slowly seeping into an underground aquifer. Whether now or in a hundred years, we will always depend on the health of our local streams, rivers, and aquifers for clean drinking water, irrigation, transportation, outdoor recreation, and an unrivaled sense of peace and connection to the natural world.

Impact of sea level rise on Natural Infrastructure in the Richmond region,

Climate & Flood Resilience

Our rivers, streams, and wetlands are one of our best defenses against the impacts of climate change. Not only do aquatic ecosystems serve as habitat for countless species of plants and animals, they help store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through “blue” carbon sequestration. That means healthy waterways can fight climate change with us.

Since Richmond lies over 90 miles from the Chesapeake Bay, we typically don’t think of this region as one that will be impacted by sea level rise and flooding. But tidal areas of the James and Appomattox Rivers will be impacted by increased flooding, causing damage to people and property. Protected areas like riverfront parks, forested buffers, and wetlands can help slow and absorb flood waters. During calm weather, these same places can provide parks for people, habitat for local wildlife, and clean our air and water!

Dock Street Walkway
“The View That Named Richmond” from Libby Hill.

To bring nature on-board with us, we need to double up on land protection and stream restoration. That’s why Team streams needs you! Projects like Dock Street, which secured new public riverfront access and saved the “View that Named Richmond” on the James River, would not be possible without our community’s support of streams! Support our streams and invite your family, friends, and colleagues to donate!

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