How to Protect Your Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

Nature-deficit disorder is a term used to describe the negative effects of spending too little time in natural outdoor environments. Many people believe that alienation from nature contributes to attention difficulties, mood disorders, obesity, and a loss of respect for wildlife. On the other hand, being in nature is great for the health of parents and children alike. This is a fantastic reason to limit screen time and make some memories with your kids in the great outdoors.

While nature-deficit disorder is not a medical diagnosis, it describes a serious problem that has the potential to affect the well-being of our children. To protect your kids and bring nature back into your family’s life, plan weekend trips in the wild, take your kids to natural spaces in your community, and encourage outdoor play at home whenever possible. Nothing compares to growing up in the great outdoors!

Below are some fun ideas to get you started!

Encouraging Outdoor Play at Home

Whether your kids are playing or helping out, there are many ways to get them out in the yard.

Family Weekend Trips

Set up a nature adventure for the whole family!

Outdoor Activities in Your Community

Next, look for activities in your community whether your kids are playing a team sport or enjoying a park.

Educating Your Children

Getting out in nature offers many opportunities to teach your children.

To learn more about nature-deficit disorder, please visit StopNDD.org, a coalition of retired teachers whose mission is to end nature-deficit disorder.