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2022 Conservation Games

September 30th - October 16th, 2022

Join Capital Region Land Conservancy for our second annual Conservation Games — a multi-week experience to celebrate and protect our region’s natural and historic resources. Participants join teams (for free) with a specific conservation focus and try to earn as many points for that team before the end of the Games. Register below to join your team and get started!

Let the Games Begin!

How The Games Work

The Games officially begin with the Opening Ceremony on September 30th and proceed for 17 days of competition until the Closing Ceremony on October 16th. Throughout the experience, participants can earn points for their team through online learning events, volunteer events, and fundraising campaigns. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the Games will be awarded the gold medal at the Closing Ceremony!

Team Fields

Team Fields is competing to support the protection of our region’s open spaces and agricultural lands, including parks, historic sites, battlefields, pathways and trails, gardens, farmlands, wild grasslands, and all the creatures therein!

Team Forests

Team Forests is competing to support the protection of our region’s forests and woodland habitats, places that nurture us, provide for us, and provide for all the creatures therein! 

Team Streams

Team Streams is competing to support the protection of our region’s waterways and riparian habitats, including aquifers, wetlands, streams, rivers, the Chesapeake Bay, and all its wildlife! 

Why This Matters

In the past, our in-person Fields, Forests, + Streams event has always been a highlight of our year as CRLC staff, board members, and supporters revel in the accomplishments of the year. The event is also a large portion of our year’s fundraising so that we can continue to work and protect the land in the Richmond region. In 2019, year we raised over $14,000. In 2020, however, the reality of COVID-19 made this traditional event infeasible, so we learned to adapt. 

As a result, we launched the 2020 Conservation Games as a fun, virtual format for people to learn, volunteer, and give in service to CRLC’s conservation efforts in the Richmond region. The first-ever Conservation Games raised over $18,000 to protect our region’s natural resources. This year we are hoping to do even more. 

Our conservation work at CRLC has not slowed down amidst these ongoing challenge of COVID-19. In fact, we recorded four new conservation easements in 2020 and have many more to look forward to in 2021. We have continued to operate successfully thanks to the generosity of our donors, volunteers, and community partners. And with your support, this will continue. So let the games begin!

To become a sponsor, please contact Parker Agelasto at 202-302-0153 or parker@capitalregionland.org. 

Thank You To Our 2021 Sponsors!


Engle FAmily Farms

Team Fields is generously sponsored by Engel Family Farms.

Davey Environmental Mitigation

      Team Forests is generously sponsored by Davey Mitigation.

Resource Environmental Solutions

Team Streams is generously sponsored by Resource Environmental Solutions.